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Custom metal label & tag is a key element in achieving a professional look for your handcrafted item that helps it to stand out and really brands that for what it is. It helps to provide a point of differentiation in quality and craftsmanship.

Custom Metal Labels & Name Plates for Handbags | SUPPLY4BAG

If you're looking for the metal label & tag in the market, but don't want to settle for something pre-made, you can think about custom made label & tag you want that are completely unique to your brand and style.

Whether you're looking for a new way to showcase your logo or want to add some personal flair to your designs, custom metal label & tag is the great way to execute it. And the best part is that it's easy to get started with the process.

Working Process of the Custom Metal Label & Tag | SUPPLY4BAG


The custom metal label & tag can be used for your handmade handbags, clothing, hats, and furniture. They can be designed to have holes in the corners or come with bendable legs for easy attachment or without. It really depends on where you plan to use them. They can be produced in embossing or debossing style.

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Whatever your need or business, you’ll find prime quality custom designed metal label options to help you stand out and get noticed. 

Custom Metal Labels & Tags for Your Handmade Business | SUPPLY4BAG


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