Custom Design Hollow Metal Clutch Frame

You can easily make a luxury box clutch with the hollow clutch frame with zero sewing skills. The clean frame channel and geometrical closure invite you to add your own personal style.

The box clutch is completed with a pair of pop-in side panels. Those panels can be made with fabric-covered cardboard, foam, or plastic cut to the frame shape. Glue is used to hold the panels in place.


Handbag Hardware for luxury clutch making

SHAPES | rectangle +

Geometric Metal Purse Frame for Clutch Making

SHAPES | square +  round & geometric

Hardware for Handbag Making

CHAIN LOOPS | D ring, O ring & invisible loops

Custom Design Metal Purse Frame

CLOSURES |  cylinder, curve, rectangle & square etc.

Metal Purse Frame Wholesale

FRAME CHANNELS | flat & uneven

Luxury Clutch Making Supplier

STRUCTURE | sturdy & decorative

Tutorial for Frame Clutch Making

TUTORIAL | learn more +

Tailor Make Clutch, Design Your Clutch Frame

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 100 Pieces for each design

  • Production time : 25 – 30 business days

  • Shipping Time : 7 – 10 business days, Courier shipment

The price is based on the size of the metal frame, please fill in below form for price quote.