Custom Metal Purse Frame

SUPPLY4BAG offers an easy way for you to customise your own metal purse frame.

1) Choose the frame shape :

SUPPLY4BAG offers 4 different shapes of frames, while open channel is currently the most popular.

kisslock clutch frame design your own, metal purse frame wholesale

2) Choose the frame closure/clasp :

SUPPLY4BAG offers a wide range of closure options to suit your unique design & style, below pls find the 20 different closure that you can choose from, including the kiss-lock closure and buckle closure.

custom design metal pure frame, kisslock purse frame, handbag hardware

metal purse frame closure option, metal kiss lcok purse frame

3) Size of the frame :

We can make frames with width from 3 inch to 12 inch.

  • Small frames (width : 3 – 5 inch) are the right size for coin purses
  • Medium frames (width : 6 – 7 inch) are perfect for cosmetic bags and small wallets
  • Large frames (width : 8 – 12 inch) are ideal for evening clutches

personalise custom kisslock purse frame, handbag clutch frame

4) Color of the frame :

Select a smooth finish for a sleek modern look

plating kisslock clutch frame, custom design kisslock purse frame

or a blush finish for an authentic antique feel.

blush kisslock purse frame, metal purse frame, clutch kisslock frame

5) Add-on for detachable chain/ strap :

Add the Chain loops on your clutch frame and you can attach the frame with detachable chain or strap, chains in matching color also available from SUPPLY4BAG.COM.

We have 3 style chain loops for choosing :

  • Invisible Chain Loops : loops inside and invisible

chain loops with frame, kisslock metal purse frame, clutch frame

  • O Ring Loops : Fixed on top or sided

custom design kisslock clutch frame, metal purse frame

  • D Ring Loops : can be added on top, aside of or right at front of the clutch frame

customised metal kisslock purse frame, clutch frame handbag hardwares

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 300 Pieces for each design.
  • Production time : 20 – 25 business days.
  • Shipping Time : 7 – 10 business days, Courier shipment


The price is based on the size of the metal frame, please send us your design and discuss the customization details before you place the order, thanks.