Free Tutorial to Make the Kitty Clutch

Whether you are a cat lover or are simply looking for a cat theme gift, you will definitely fall in love with this kitty clutch. You can customize your clutch with your own choice of fabrics, while the cat theme fabric will definitely make the clutch even cutter.

Kitty Cat theme Gift DIY Sewing Tutorial


Start making this cute clutch with us and make everyday Caturday and this kitty clutch will certainly add a touch of glamour and meow in your life!


Materials :

  • Cat Shape Clamshell Clutch Frame | SILVER / ANTIQUE BRASS
  • Exterior and Interior Fabrics
  • UHU Glue

    Tools :

    • Scissors and Brush
    • Sewing Machine     
    • Iron
    • Screw Driver (optional)


    Step 1. Making the Cat Box Clutch Exterior

    • Cut out two pieces of fabric, they should be large enough to cover the box, and allow for about 1 - 2 inches on each edges.

    Cat Clutch Making Tutorial

    • Spread the glue all over the surface of the plastic covers, be sure to cover all parts of the plastic covers, especially the edges. Place the plastic cover on the center of the fabric, carefully smooth out any air pockets.
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    • Trim off the excessive exterior fabric once the glue is fully dry.
    How to make a Cat Clutch with gussets


    Step 2. Making the Cat Box Clutch Interior

    • Spread the glue all over the surface of the interior of plastic covers, gently press the lining fabrics, especially at corner and edge, ensure the fabric stick well and smoothly onto the covers.

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    Step 3. Making the Gussets

    • Cut 2 pieces of patterned fabric and 2 pieces of solid color fabric, each one measures 6 inches x 3 ½ inches, pair up each patterned fabric and solid color fabric and have them placed right side together. Now we have 2 pairs of gusset pieces.
    Pattern Gussets for Cat Clutch Making


    • Draw a line along the edges and top stitch using 1/4 inch seam.
    Gussets Sewing for Clutch


    • Turn the gusset piece right side out, iron flat, and top stitch along the both edges using 1/8 inch seam.
    How to make Clutch Gussets


    • Position the cat frame on the gusset piece, mark two diagonal  lines.
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    • Cut the two gusset pieces into trapezoid shape.
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    • Top stitch the both sides using 1/4 inch seam, then notch the seam.
    Hello Kitty Cat Clutch DIY Tutorial


    • Working with one side of the frame at a time, apply glue to the inner side of the channels, then let the glue dry for about 3 - 5 minutes, only when you find that the glue is sticky should you glue the gussets onto the frame channel, and make sure to press firmly against the inner channel.
    Kitty Clutch DIY


    • A flat-head screwdriver will be helpful to work the way around.

    Free tutorial to make the Kitty clutch


    • Apply glue to another side of frame channel, put the other side of gusset piece into the frame channel.

    Free Instruction to make the Kitty clutch


    • Again, apply glue inside the frame channel, be careful not to drip any glue onto the gusset fabrics. Put the covers into the metal frame, be noted that the indented cover goes into the side with the locking mechanism. Once the covers are put into the frame, weigh the whole clutch down with a book or other object to ensure that the covers are fully immersed in the glue filled channel.
    Hello Kitty Clutch DIY Sewing Tutorial


    Now the clutch is finished !!!
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