Custom Jewelry Metal Tag


 Custom Jewelry Metal Tag Design Your Own


Custom jewelry metal tag is a fantastic way to sign your jewelry and add a special touch to brand your creation.

We can produce custom jewelry metal tags of any shapes and sizes, and there is virtually no limit to what we can do. Our custom tags are produced using the high quality raw zinc alloy and are available in different finishes.

With our technique, we can expertly emboss and deboss in metal molding, or simply leave the metal in a natural, rough state. These labels are highly customizable to meet the needs of your brand.



Part A. Price Quote and Invoicing

  1. You complete the order enquiry form and provide your logo artwork with shape, dimension and color;
  2. Once received your enquiry, we will reply you shortly, provide the draft of your jewelry metal tag, the price and shipping cost quotation;
  3. After you confirmed the draft and price quotation, we will issue an invoice through PayPal;

Part B. Production and Delivery

  1. Start creating the customized mold, and produce the jewelry metal tag in bulk;
  2. After the plating for the metal tags, process the quality check for each tag;
  3. Wrapping with thin plastic sheet for surface protection, and packing for ready to ship;
  4. Deliver your custom jewelry metal tags through courier.


Custom Jewelry Metal Tags Workflow



Custom Jewelry Metal Tags in different shapes and sizes

Debossing and Embossing Styles Jewelry Metal Tags



Custom Jewelry Metal Tags Smooth Finish Options


Custom Jewelry Metal Tags Blush Finish Options


  • MATERIAL : Zinc Alloy


  • PRODUCTION TIME : 20 – 25 Business Days

  • DELIVERY : Shipped via Courier, 3 - 5 Days to Arrive


Custom Jewelry Metal Tags for Muthasista


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Jewelry Metal Tags for AMSMDesigns


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If you would like your custom logo jewelry tags made or looking for a quotation, kindly please fill in the form below and we will reply as soon as possible.