Fabric Covered Metal Frame Clutch DIY

What time is a good time to make a box clutch?

I will say NOW!!!

It is Summer time, ENJOY


Summer is just around the corner, which means that you're going to need a great pair of sunglasses to keep all that sunshine from wreaking havoc on your eyes. And your sunglasses need a perfect case to protect and make it feel put together, there’s nothing better than a good DIY case to get the job done.

DIY Fabric Covered Box Clutch for Sunglasses Case | SUPPLY4BAG 


We’ve featured a DIY box clutch tutorial before, but I think it’s time to refresh and renewal for it.

Now, I've created a NEW tutorial to make a stylish and chic box clutch. In this new tutorial, I will show you how to wrap the fabric onto the metal clutch frame.

 How to Wrap Fabric into Metal Box Clutch Frame | SUPPLY4BAG

Also I will show you how to make the interior gussets and cover the bottom edge as well.

How to Make a Gussets for Box Clutch Minaudiere | SUPPLY4BAG

It is easy, fun and creative at the same time, and suitable for crafters and bag makers of all levels.

The DIY Fabric Wrapped Box Clutch PDF Tutorial includes:

  • Comprehensive Step-by-step Instructions - 24 Pages
  • Color photographs - 120 photos
  • Gusset pattern Included for use with Small, Medium and Large box clutch frames

Tutorial for Wrapping Fabric onto Metal Box Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG

Tools for DIY fabric covered box clutch | SUPPLY4BAG


Fabric Wrapped Metal Frame Minaudière Making Tutorial | SUPPLY4BAG

Tutorial for Making Fabric Wrapped Metal Frame Minaudiere | LEARN MORE +


The end result is an exquisitely crafted artwork that you can carry along to a party or a special dinner.

 Small things become great when done with love | SUPPLY4BAG

DIY Fabric Cover Box Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG

Note : Using this box clutch as a sunglasses case, pls make sure to wrap your sunglasses in a cloth to avoid scratches on the lenses.




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