Book Clutch DIY

Books give us insight into someone's life and transport us to somewhere else. They offer us another world.

I believe every girl has her favorite book, and a clutch bag as well. I also believe every girl needs to have her favorite book as a book clutch.

Book Clutch DIY


This book clutch was created by Alison Hill, who is a designer from UK. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos in my blog.

Classic Wizard of Oz Book Clutch DIY | SUPPLY4BAG

Designer: Alison | Instagram @hawkinsandhill


Fashion trends change so quickly, but classics is always in trend and never gets old. I like this idea of creating a book clutch so much that I decided to try to create something special.

Wizard of Oz Book Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG


This exclusive book clutch could be the best element in your wardrobe. If you're looking for an interesting and unique gift, you can create your own with our Hollow Metal Clutch Frames.

Hollow Metal Frame for Book Clutch Making | SUPPLY4BAG

It's a great alternative to simple handbag or clutch.

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Book clutch