Sewing Tutorial for Slip Pocket

You can't create a bag without pockets!

The slip pocket is easy to sew and is so handy for your smart phone, pens, cards and glasses etc.


To design your own slip pocket, first consider what you need to put into the pocket, then calculate the measurements for the pocket.


Let's get started :

  • For a large single pocket, cut an 8 inch wide x 12 inch high cotton fabric in rectangular shape.

How to Sew a Slip Pocket for Your Bag


  • Fold the pocket piece in half with right sides facing, press and draw a line around the edge, use a ½ inch seam allowance.

How to Sew a Slip Pocket for Your Bag


  • Sew around the pocket piece, leaving a 3 inch unstitched along the top edge for turning. Trim the corners.

Sewing Tutorial for Slip Pocket


  • Turn the pocket right side out, and use a sharp tool to carefully push the corners out. Fold the raw edges of the opening to the inside, and press the pocket.

How to Sew a Slip Pocket for Your Bag


  • Top stitch the top edge 1/8 inch from the edge, backtacking at both ends. Now, the folded-in edges will be secured in the topstitching.

How to Sew a Slip Pocket for Your Bag


  • Slip pocket is sewn to the bag interior and I like to sew it about 3 - 4 inch from the top edge of the bag, it allows me quick and easy to grab some items. Centre the pocket on the interior, make sure it’s straight, pin around pocket. Leaving 1/8 inch from the edge, topstitch the pocket in place – down one side, across the bottom, and up the other side, backtacking at both ends.

step by step sewing a slip pocket for your bag


  • Now, a 7 inch wide single slip pocket is created.

How to Sew a Slip Pocket for Your Bag

How to Sew a Slip Pocket for Your Bag


Creating a slip pocket with sections is also easy.

The slip pocket with sections really add the functionality of your bag, which allows you to custom design a pocket to suit your own personal requirements. 


  • Before stitching the pocket to the bag interior, using a fabric marking pen or uni-ball pen mark the sections you needed on the upper side of the pocket.

free tutorial for sewing clutch bag


  • Topstitch the sections along the marked lines, backtacking in the starting points, then sew down both sides and the along the bottom close to the edges.

free tutorial for clutch bag making


  • Now, you have a perfect slip pocket with sections, customised for yourself. 

how to sew a slip pocket with sections


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