Free Tutorial For Glue in Metal Purse Frame
To glue the bag into metal purse frame is a handy work, everyone has their own techniques. 
Now, I will share my experience that how to insert the bag into metal purse frame with UHU glue.
how to glue a bag to metal clutch frame
Before applying the glue, dry-fit the bag into the frame to check the fit. Check the bulk of the seam and trim seam allowance if necessary. 
1) Spread a thin line of the glue along the channel from one hinge to another. Then let the glue to dry for a 3 – 5 minutes, this is very important, only when you find that the glue is sticky should you glue the bag onto the frame channel.

    How to glue clutch bag to metal purse frame

    how to apply glue into metal purse frame


    2) Use a toothpick (or something similar) to spread the glue around inside the frame channel.

      how to put glue into metal purse frame


      3) Start from the centre of the frame, push the fabric edge into the channel of the frame, make sure that the centre of your bag is lined up with the centre of the frame.

        How to use a glue in purse frame


        4) Then push both sides of the bag into the channel of the frame, a flat-head screwdriver will be helpful to work the way around.

          how to attach a metal purse frame


          5) Repeat same step for the other side of the frame channel. Then use the flat-head screwdriver to work the way around from the outside, especially the four corners and hinge areas, if any glue found squeezed out, wait for about 2 - 3 minutes and then wipe it off.

            Working with Metal Purse Frame

            6) Now allow for 30 minutes for the glue to dry thoroughly.


              7) For a more secure finish, a purse frame crimper (available in our store) will be very helpful.
              • Place some padding (felt or thick fabric) over the frame
              • Gently apply pressure starting from hinge and working your way round

                how to glue the bag into to metal purse frame

                 WELL DONE, BEAUTIFUL :)

                how to glue the bag to metal purse frame

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