Wristlet Strap Sewing Tutorial

Having a wristlet strap on your clutch bag gives you something to grab onto and offers a bit of added security so you have less chance of losing your clutch bag while you’re out.

Adding a detachable strap to framed clutch is easy to do using a simple swivel hook, plus the metal hardware always adds a professional look to your clutch bag.


Materials :

  • One piece of pattern fabric 3 x 16 inch, this will give you a finished strap of 3/4 inch wide by 7 1/2 inch long. ( You can adjust these measurements as needed )
  • One 3/4 inch swivel hook


Detachable Wristlet Strap Sewing Tutorial


1) Cut a piece of patterned fabric for bag strap, it is 3 inch wide x 16 inch long, that will give your strap 3/4 inch wide, and fit the ring of swivel hook.

how to add a strap to a clutch bag


2) Fold the bag strap in half lengthwise, with the wrong sides together, and press to make a crease.

DIY wristlet strap for clutch bag


3) Open the strap with the wrong side facing you, fold in each side of the strap 3/4 inch, and press.

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4) Fold in half again along the first crease, and press.

how to make a wristlet strap


5) Fold entire strap in half once again, meeting folded edges together and press. Now the strap is folded with four layers of fabric, you won’t need interfacing and it makes a nice sturdy strap.

Add a removable strap to your clutch


6) Take the strap and slide a swivel hook on it, fold in half.

DIY Easy Strap for Clutch Purse


7) Open out the ends of the strap and with right sides together, align them and draw a line in the edge, using a 1⁄4 inch seam allowance

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8) Sew the two ends together, and press the seam open.

How To Add A Wristlet Strap to the Clutch Bag


9) Refold the strap, topstitch along open edge, moving the swivel hook out of the way as you go, going all the way around the loop.

how to make a wristlet strap


10) Repeat this on the other side, topstitching the folded edge.

how to sew a wristlet strap for clutch bag


11) Position your seam over swivel hook, fold the strap in half. Topstitch across the strap about 1/2 inch from swivel hook to keep it from sliding around.

Add Strap to Framed Clutch Sewing Tutorial


 Easy Peasy, that's it for your wristlet strap.

Add a Detachable Wristlet Strap for Clutch Bag


Here's a look of the wristlet strap on the framed clutch :

Sew a Detachable Wristlet Strap for Frame Clutch


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Sew a Strap for Frame Clutch Bag

How to sew a detachable strap for frame clutch


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