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Mosaics are made by placing tiny pieces of particular materials together and sticking them firmly onto the back surface. The word “mosaic” probably comes from Greek and means “dedicated to the muses”. The materials used most frequently are glasses, ceramics and natural stones, yet pebbles, shells and other found objects also work well.

Mosaics can be used to decorate areas of paving and paths, or to add color to walls throughout the year. Mosaic can also be used to special effect on 3D objects, such as seats, pots and sculptures.

Now, let me introduce you the very unique frame clutch made from mosaics. The designer is one of our customers, Frederic Lecut, a French mosaicist currently living in Alabama, USA.


Starry Night Mosaic Frame Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG

 Mosaic Minaudiere Frame Clutch Made by Frederic Lecut | SUPPLY4BAG


This beautiful handmade mosaic clutch features an attractive starry sky and a romantic moon night. The clutch body is made from different irregular mosaic tiles and it matches amazingly well with the rose gold hollow clutch frame.


The Process of Mosaic Minaudiere Frame Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG


Frederic Lecut worked as an engineer for many years in several countries. In 2000, he decided to get out of the corporate world and try to live out of what he really liked, Mosaics and Martial Arts. 


Mosaic Artist Frederic Lecut from Mosaic Blues | SUPPLY4BAG

 Frederic Lecut from Mosaic Blues | View More +

Frederic spent lots of time and energy studying classical roman mosaic. He believes art is the best way to promote creativity among people of all ages.

Today, Frederic has created his mosaics in his two studios in France and Alabama and sells them worldwide, he also offers services such as custom design, seminar and animation of community projects on a worldwide basis.

 Create Your Own Mosaic Frame Clutch and Get Inspired from Frederic Lecut | SUPPLY4BAG


If you want to create a stylish frame clutch, or make an unusual gift for your special friend, it is an inspiring project to choose from.

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