Logo and Branding for handmade Business

Why Branding ?

Branding helps to build customer loyalty

You surely want to keep your happy customers coming back, and the extra bonus if they refer more people coming in. How to do that? Yes, branding! Your product cannot speak for itself without a label or a logo, just add the label / logo to the clutch/ bag you make and get your brand recognized, your customer share a photo online, the tag of your product is not just bag but your brand then.

 Branding Your Handmade Business with Logo | SUPPLY4BAG

Engraved Metal Logo for Handmade Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG

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Branding says “ I mean business”

Transition through hobbyist to entrepreneurs cannot be successful without branding.  Labels are always a great way to brand your work with your company’s logo and give it a professional finish when they are ready for sale. Don’t underestimate  the power of logo, it really help to let your customers know that:

  • You are running a company with real commitment
  • You are proud of the product quality and not shy to let the world know
  • You are running an enduring business and returning customers are always welcome
  • Customer service is always available

 Logo and Branding for Handmade Business | SUPPLY4BAG

You are more than a crafter from Etsy

You may, as many of the others crafters, hobby seamstress, bags/ clutches makers,  have started your businesses from Etsy, you put every effort in the design and creation of your products, and customers happy with what they got, everything seems great! Until…you find photos of your products on Facebook and Instagram being referred to nothing but a “great find on Etsy”,  disappointed or even heart broken, would you? With proper branding, such as adding the lable on your product, will make a huge difference, you get recognized and remembered through your lable, not simply through the platform you sell your products.


What can we offer you?

We can get your logo printed on the flat closure / clasp of the both general Metal Purse Frame and Metal Box Clutch Frame.


Metal Purse Frame with Logo for Handmade Business | SUPPLY4BAG

 Laser Printed Logo for Metal Purse Frame | Learn More +


Metal Box Clutch Frame engraved with Logo | SUPPLY4BAG

 Laser Printed Logo for Metal Box Clutch Frame | Get a Free Quote +

  • The logo is embossed onto the frame closure with laser printer. Comparing to the traditional engraving finish,  laser print offers a more economic option but not diminishing the quality and luxury touch.
  • Your can choose any size of the Metal Purse Frame / Metal Box Clutch Frame in our shop to create your own laser print logo.
  • Your logo can be letter words or graphic, or a combination of both.


If you are interested, please send us your brand logo or design image and the customization details, you will be amazed how tiny extra cost will bring your business up to the next level !!


Custom Jewelry Metal Tag for Handmade Business | SUPPLY4BAG

Custom jewelry metal tag is a fantastic way to add a special touch to brand your creation | LEARN MORE +

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