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Whether you’re a leather crafter, a handbag designer or creating handmade items to sell online or in stores, maybe you’re putting lots of time and effort into your handmade items. Your time and effort means something!

This is where custom metal labels come into play. Think of labels as the “signature” on your masterpiece, taking pride and ownership of your creation. Just as a painter signs a canvas to complete the masterpiece, custom metal labels can be used to obtain the same effect.


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If you plan on selling your handmade items, the marketing and branding can be the key to your success. Providing a quality-made handcrafted product isn’t always enough. Labeling can give a professional edge which in turn lends a feeling of credibility. For a customer, this feeling can often be the deciding factor that your handiwork is worth the investment. Custom metal labels can also act as a simple reminder of the origin of the handmade item, which can easily be lost or forgotten without proper labeling. This is a great way to obtain repeat customers! The benefits of using labels are endless. When you decide to round out your marketing and branding strategy, custom metal labels are a simple way to make a big impact.


custom engraved metal label, metal logo design, custom silver metal label for handbag

 Portenga Life in Style

Customised metal labels are a great way to showcase your individuality and brand identity using your own logo. You can design your personalized labels or custom tags whatever you want, it will bring your products to the next level. Your own logo will give your creation the finishing touch! They are made from high quality zinc alloy materials and will last long. The custom metal labels can be easily attached on by hand.

We have helped lots of customers in creating professional & high quality metal labels featuring their own special designs.


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OkiObi Handbags

Our selected range of colors and shapes offer plenty of choices that will complement any style of decorating for the metal label. They can be trendy or classic, simple or bold. Our custom metal labels are affordable and easy to order, with a manufacturing time of only 20 – 25 business days.


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Prisila Leger Handmade


square antique brass metal label, custom metal logo for brand create, handbag hardware

Meghann Murphy Bridle Bags


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C.Dulce Luxury Leather Goods


  • Standard Shapes : Round, Square, Hexagon, Rectangle, Triangle, Oval
  • Standard Colours : Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Antique Brass, Gunmetal, Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold, Brushed Gunmetal
  • Material : Zinc Alloy
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 500 Pieces for each design
  • Production time : 20 – 25 business days.


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