Pattern Drafting for the Rectangle Shape Metal Clutch Frame

Pattern Drafting for the Rectangle Shape Metal Clutch Frame

The handbag patterns are not available for the metal clutch frames, so you have to draft your own pattern for the clutch frame shape.

In the beginning to draft your pattern, you must choose a metal frame. In our shop, you can find lots of collections of the clutch frame for DIY projects. This hinged hardware come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and styles.

The size of the frame determines the size of the bag.

  • Small frame ( 3 – 5 inch ) : the right size for coin purses 

coin purse pattern free, glue in purse frame, how to make a bag with metal clasp, coin purse frame

Click here to view this frame

  • Medium Frame ( 6 – 7 inch ) : the ideal size for wallets

make a clutch pattern for kisslock frame, make your own metal frame clutch pattern, clutch making tutorial

Click here to view this frame

  • Large Frames (8 – 10 inch) : perfect size for clutch bags and purses

kisslock clutch frame, how to draft your own pattern to make a frame clutch, clutch pattern tutorial

Click here to view this frame


The metal frame is the basic of the design of your clutch bag, and the design concept needs to have width, height and depth to create a style.

Here is three patterns in different size, they come from small, medium and large metal frames

coin purse pattern drafting tutorial, coin purse making tutorial, how to make a frame purse bag


free tutorial for clutch making, frame clutch pattern drafting tutorial, metal clutch frameMEDIUM PURSE FRAME

large metal clutch frame pattern drafting, kisslock frame clutch making tutorial, how to cut a clutch pattern



The size of the frame determines the width of the bag; height and depth can be whatever dimensions you want. Take your frame and draw around the outer perimeter, don’t forget to mark the points where the hinges stop.

To create the depth, you have to add a gusset on each side in bottom. Extend the baseline outward on either side of center to half of the finished depth measurement and join to the top edge with a straight line.

Now, the pattern is wider than the right angles of the frame. The wider the angle the more deeper your purse will be.


After the clutch pattern created, it is time to make your own first frame purse. Here is a coin purse making tutorial shared with you in our blog.

DIY frame clutch purse idea, frame clutch making tutorial, purse pattern DIY, make your own clutch purse


 How to draw a pattern for arch shape metal purse frame

metal frame purse sewing pattern

I’d like to set up a way that we can share the creative projects together, if you have a photo of purse created with our patterns and tutorials, please do send us a photo to my email, Thank You.


Thank you so much for visiting, if you liked this post, will you please share it with your friends? I would also love to hear from you in the comments below if you plan on sewing along with me.

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  • Heidi Ennis
    Heidi Ennis

    Hi, I am looking for a pattern and frame to make the square frame purse that is in Pinterest, but all written in Japanese, I believe. For example there are a couple of cute purses that use a box style purse, and I wondered if you have the information and supplies to make this? Here is the link to what I am looking for from Pinterest. Thank you, Heidi Ennis

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