Arch Shape Purse Frame Pattern, Clutch Making Pattern & Tutorial

The rectangle and arch purse frames are the most common shapes used to create the frame purse.

After I created the blog for Pattern Drawing for Rectangle Shape Metal Clutch Frame, now the Arch Shape Metal Purse Pattern is finally here!

Metal frame purses or clutches are the perfect project for the beginning sewist. In this tutorial you will learn about drawing a pattern for arch shape metal purse frame, creating curved shape open. Let’s get started!


Large Arch Shape Metal Frame Purse

Purse Pattern PDF, Pattern and Instructions, Arch Shape Frame Clutch Pattern

Take the purse frame and draw around the outside of it, also include the points where the hinges stop. You will see that the angles of the pattern are quite a bit wider then the angles of the frame, this is because you want to create puffiness and body on the front of the purse.

Locating the hinge part of the pattern is very important for getting right on the purse pattern. It is where the flaps open on the purse.

To create the depth, you need to add a gusset on each side in bottom.

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Antique Brass Large Arch Shape Purse Frame



Medium Arch Shape Frame Purse

clutch making pattern, tutorial for frame clutch making, Pattern and Instructions free download

medium arch shape metal purse frame,  tutorial purse frame, frame purse pattern

 6.5 inch Arch Shape Kisslock Purse Frame

Purse Pattern PDF, Pattern and Instructions, Frame Clutch Pattern, Clutch DIY, Craft, Handmade


Other Arch Shape Frame Purses

arch shape kisslock purse frame, clutch making tutorial free pattern, sewing tutorial, purse making 7 inch Arch Shape Silver Purse Frame


4.5 inch arch shape small coin purse, coin purse making tutorial, free pattern for coin purse

4.5 inch Arch Shape Silver Coin Purse Frame


This tutorial on how to create a purse pattern for arch shape frame will teach you everything you need to know. Now go make your own purse pattern, and get started!


Here is a coin purse making tutorial shared with you in our blog.

small coin purse making tutorial, clutch making tutorial, purse pattern free download


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