DIY Easter Surprise Egg Shape Minaudiere

DIY Easter Surprise Egg Shape Minaudiere

Egg Shape Box Clutch Frame | SUPPLY4BAG

Decorating eggs for Easter is a great way to bring the family together. It’s colourful, it’s a bit messy, and we all know that means love and fun.

Champagne Lace Bridal Clutch DIY | SUPPLY4BAG

With inspiration by the Easter eggs, I have made this egg shape minaudiere. Using our egg shaped box clutch frame with any cotton or lace fabric, you can create an egg shaped clutch which is perfect for Easter brunch or dinner.


Now, it is the time to get going with Easter craft project.



1. Cutting the Pieces

DIY Egg Shape Clutch Minaudiere | SUPPLY4BAG2. Making the Underlay for the Exterior Covers

Oval Shape Box Clutch Frame DIY | SUPPLY4BAG

3. Glue the Exterior Lace

Lace Box Clutch Making Tutorial | SUPPLY4BAG

4. Making the Interior for the Covers

How to make a lace Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG5. Making the Gussets

Gusset Making to Box Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG

6. Assembling the Covers to the Clutch Frame

DIY Egg Shape Minaudiere Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG

7. Finished 

Egg Shape Champagne Lace Bridal Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG

Egg Shape Champagne Lace Brides Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG


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