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What does SPRING mean to you? Is it about flowers, gardening, warmer weather, Easter holidays, or seasonal fruits?

For me, one of the things I love about spring is the blossoming flower, and I love something a little lighter and brighter for this season.

In this blog, I will share some framed clutch bags made with my favorite floral fabrics.


Timeless Treasures with Blossoming Flower

Floral prints made it into our spring fashion. When it’s well designed, the effect is perfectly fresh and springy for your clutch bag.

As warmer weather and clearer days arrive, are you ready for a bright new clutch bag to celebrate the arrival of spring?

Design Your Own Box Clutch | SUPPLY4BAG

( Box Clutch Making Tutorial | LEARN MORE + )

Design Your Own Clutch Bag with Metal Purse Frame | SUPPLY4BAG

(Sewing Patterns: Emma Style, Felicity Style, and Christine Style)


A Bed of Roses

Dramatic in design and color, a lush print of magnificent roses is enhanced by the green leaves. The beautifully depicted blooms showcase a color palette ranging from purple through to red, coral and naturals.

Making the clutch with rose print lining, create your own “secret garden”.

Rose commands immediate attention and is a perfect choice for a definitive fashion statement.

Design Your Own Clutch Bag with Rose Print Fabric | SUPPLY4BAG

(Sewing Patterns: Florence Style, Emma Style, and Ella Style)


Keeping Up With Kiely

Orla Kiely fabric is instantly recognizable in retro prints and designs. I especially love this Multi Stem print, which features Kiely's classic shapes and giant stem print.

Refer to supply4bag sewing patterns & tutorials, you can create some beautiful clutches with Orla Kiely's signature Multi Stem fabrics.

Design Your Own Clutch Bag with Metal Purse Frame | SUPPLY4BAG

(Sewing Patterns: Christine Style, Agnes Style, Emma Style and Effie Style)


Sewing the Bird & Flower Together

With the advent of spring, birdsong drifts on the air. Reflect the new season throughout your clutch bag with bird-themed prints and add flower for a cheerful finish.

Here is a patchwork idea a world away from the traditional.

Choose chic and contrasting fabrics to combine a clutch unique to your style. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match the bold with the outlandish - it’s part of the fun!

Design Your Own Clutch Bag with Patchwork Fabrics | SUPPLY4BAG

(Sewing Pattern: Christine Style)

I’m not very concerned about trends when I’m creating clutch bag, but most of the time, I want something that looks like it’s going to be in style.

Design Your Own Clutch Bag with free PDF Patterns | SUPPLY4BAG

They are great projects to build confidence with sewing, so great for beginners and also great to make something more personal to you and affordable.


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