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This book Clutch DIY project is fairly simple, though it does involve minimal sewing. If you have beginner to moderate sewing skills, you could whip up this fun book clutch in just a couple hours!





  • Fabric Pen & uni-ball Pen
  • Cutter & Scissors
  • Mat & Ruler
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Iron
  • Brush


Step 1. Making the Cover for Book Clutch

1). Draw a 12 ¼ x 7 ½ inches rectangle shape on the thick cardboard.

Book Clutch DIY Tutorial Free


2). Cut out the rectangle shape cardboard for the book clutch cover.

How to make a Book Clutch


3). Center the metal frame on the cardboard, and fold both sides.

Book Clutch DIY Tutorial Free

Book Clutch DIY


4). Trace the metal frame on the fabric, add about a 1 ½ inches seam allowance to the edges of fabric, cut 2 pieces for the front and back.

London Map Book Clutch DIY


5). Iron the fabrics to ease any wrinkles, put two pieces with right sides together, then draw a parallel line about 1⁄4 inches from the edge.

London Map Fabric for Book Clutch DIY


6). Sew the fabrics together and iron flat the seam allowance.

Sew a Book Clutch


7). Apply the craft glue to the surface of the cardboard. Make sure that the cardboard is covered with the glue evenly. Gently place the wrong side of the fabric onto the glued side of the cardboard.

Book Clutch Cover Making


8). Cut diagonal line at each corner which would fit together to form a crisp square edge. Apply craft glue to the edges of the cardboard and fold the fabric edges.

Now the book clutch cover is created.

Book Clutch Cover Making

Note: If you are using an old hardback book for making the book clutch cover, please make sure the book you choose is big enough to hold the 7 x 5 inch metal frame, and it has a 1 ¼ inch thick spine.


Step 2. Assembling the Metal Hollow Frame to the Book Cover

1). Apply the UHU glue all over the edges of the frame, let the glue dry for a while. Glue the edges of the frame on the book cover, then press the frame firmly.

How to Make a Book Clutch with Metal Frame


2). Spread the UHU glue to the bottom of the metal frame, and glue the spine with the frame together. 

Metal Hollow Frame for Book Clutch Making


Step 3. Assembling the Frame Clasp

1). Cut a rectangle shape cardboard measuring 6 ¾ x 4 ¾ inches, which is a bit smaller than the frame.

Book Clutch DIY


2). Draw a central line on the cardboard and position the clutch clasp.

Book Clutch DIY


3). Cut a piece of lining fabric, which is a bit larger than the rectangle cardboard above. Spread the craft glue all over the cardboard. Let the glue dry for a while, gently place the wrong side of the lining fabric onto the cardboard. Then fold and glue the edges of fabric to the wrong side of the cardboard.

Book Clutch DIY Tutorial Free

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4). Apply the UHU glue on the end piece of the clasp, put it into the wrong side of the cardboard, and make sure it is aligned with the centre line and positioned in the correct direction.

Book Clutch DIY


Step 4. Making the Gussets for Book Clutch

1). Cut two pieces of triangle shape fabric to make the gussets for both sides. Apply UHU glue on the edges of wrong side of the cardboard and have the two gussets glued on.

Book Clutch DIY

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2). Spread the glue over the wrong side of the cardboard, let the glue try for about 3 – 5 minutes, gently place it onto the book cover, align and ensure they stick together well.

How to make a Book Clutch



Step 5. Making the Lining for the Book Clutch

Template for Book Clutch Making

1). Trace the above template onto the lining fabric,  cut it out.

Book Clutch DIY


2). Spread the UHU glue over the wrong side of the book cover, allow the glue dry for a while, then put the lining piece into the metal frame.

How to Glue a Book Clutch


3). Apply UHU glue to inner sides of the frame, put the other side of the two gussets onto the inner side of the frame. Use a flat-head screwdriver to assist in gluing the edge area firmly.

Gussets Making for Book Clutch DIY


All finished! All that’s left now is to style it up with some super outfits!

Adorable Book Clutch DIY


Book Clutch Purse DIY


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Style in the Book Clutch 

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